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Sage Mountain

Retreats to explore spirituality, creativity, and the wild inside and outside

Retreats, Workshops, and Writing Groups


Writing Groups

Our in-person and online writing groups give solitary writers a community. We spend part of our time responding to writing prompts and part of our time in facilitated feedback. Each writing group meets once week for 1 1/2 hours. Each session is six weeks long. Would you like to start writing, or to give your current writing practice a boost? Join us.

Discover Your Spiritual Autobiography

June 24 - 28, 2024
In-person retreat

What is your spiritual story? How has your understanding of God and yourself changed as your life has unfolded? Do your old ways of understanding God no longer fit? Are you struggling to find new language and new images for the divine? In this class we will explore our spiritual autobiographies. We will use techniques derived from contemplative traditions and freewriting from prompts to reflect on various stages of our lives. As we discover our stories, we can also find the freedom to tell new stories and delve more deeply into our relationship with the divine now.

Whether you want to write a spiritual memoir, or simply understand yourself better, this retreat will give you tools to explore where you’ve been and understand where you are. 

So you want to write...

September 9 - 13, 2024
In-person retreat

Techniques for starting, creating, and maintaining a sustained writing practice, as well as thoughts on finishing.

This retreat is under development. If you would like to know when you can register for this retreat, please email

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