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Discover Your Spiritual Autobiography
June 24 - 28, 2024
Leadville, CO

Max: 15 participants
Persons of all spiritual traditions welcome

Registrations before May 1: $250 
Registrations after May 1: $300

What is your spiritual story? How has your understanding of God/the Divine/the Holy and yourself changed as your life has unfolded? Do your old ways of understanding God no longer fit? Are you struggling to find new language and new images for the divine? In this class we will explore our spiritual autobiographies. We will use techniques derived from contemplative traditions and free-writing from prompts to reflect on various stages of our lives. As we discover our stories, we can also find the freedom to tell new stories and delve more deeply into our relationship with the divine now.


Whether you want to write a spiritual memoir, or simply understand yourself better, this retreat will give you tools to explore where you’ve been, and understand where you are. 

We will begin with dinner together at 6:00pm on Monday. Each day will include writing prompts, silent reflection, the opportunity to learn from each other, and time for solitary writing. Though this is not a retreat on writing craft, we will learn from one another’s experiences. Continental breakfast items will be available and our first workshop will start at 9:30am. Our days will end with wine and cheese at Tristan’s Place. We will end by 11:00am Friday.


Our week together will include an optional hike (weather permitting). We can also direct you toward one of Leadville’s many interesting historical sites.

Retreat Location

Our time together including workshops, discussion, and dinners will take place at Tristan's Place, a victorian home in downtown Leadville. Tristan's Place is a cosy location for conversation, writing, and even has a hot tub!

Cost, Meals, Housing, Transportation

Retreat Cost: $250 before April 15/$300 April 16 and after

Includes: Workshops, all dinners, lunch two days, evening wine and cheese, transportation to/from Frisco Transfer Station.

Lodging is not included in the price of the retreat. Our retreat house has three rooms where you may stay for $100/night or $400 for the whole retreat. Please see our Leadville page for links to lodging options within walking distance of Tristan's Place. We are happy to help you find appropriate and affordable lodging. To request a room at Tristan's Place or help in finding lodging, email us at

What to Bring
  • Paper and pen/pencil to write by hand

  • Computer if you use one (don't forget charging cable)

  • Water bottle to stay hydrated at high altitude

  • Clothing forJune weather--we recommend layers--and hiking. Snow is not out of the question! Leadville is a casual mountain town. People dress for comfort. 

  • Bathing suit

Register by emailing Sage Mountain Institute your interest and preferred payment method. We accept check, credit card and Venmo.

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