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About Leadville

At 10,120 feet above sea level, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States. Once the capital of the mining world, Leadville is rich in history and natural beauty. Leadville features an historic downtown and is surrounded by hiking trails, biking paths, and many ways to explore its natural wonders.


The high altitude can be a challenge for some people and is not to be taken lightly. “Take it slow and drink lots of water,” is advice often given to newcomers. It’s been known to snow on the 4th of July and people who visit Leadville quickly learn to dress in layers to be prepared for the wide variations of temperature in one day. 

Leadville does not have public transportation or Ubers. Plan to walk most places, usually within a mile. Sage Mountain Institute will arrange grocery store runs, as well visits to local sites.

Learn more about Leadville by visiting

Getting to Leadville

It's not easy to get to Leadville, but worth the journey.

Driving Directions
From Denver International Airport

Leadville is  just over a 2 hour drive from the Denver International airport. Various shuttles and transportation options are available.

Most Economical

Take the train from DIA to Union Station. Then catch the Pegasus bus (run by Bustang) to the Frisco Transfer Station. Purchase Pegasus tickets ahead of time (see website below under Bus info). On the Bustang website, the Frisco Transfer Station is on the west line. 

Train info:


Bus Info:

We can pick you up from the Frisco Transfer Station. 

If arriving on the first day of the retreat, please plan to arrive to the Frisco Transfer Station 2 hours before the start of the retreat. 

If you are coming in before the first day of the retreat, please contact us before scheduling your transportation to confirm our availability.

Shuttle Services

Take shuttles to the Frisco Transfer Station, and Sage Mountain Institute will pick you up.


Where to Stay

There are many wonderful places to stay in Leadville. Below are links to just a few. Reach out to us for advice.

Freight - Boutique cabins

In the Clouds Hostel and Inn - Warm and inviting hostel with a variety of rooms and prices.

The Delware Hotel - Historic hotel with its own ghost

There are many Airbnb's and VRBO rentals available. 

We are happy to advise on various options.


Where to Eat

When you discover the rich variety of restaurants in Leadville, you will be glad you have breakfast and lunch on your own. 

Tennessee Pass Cafe - Great outdoor patio if the weather is good

Moe's Original BBQ - just walking by makes your mouth water

Treeline - a bit more "upscale" and delicious

High Mountain Pies - limited indoor seating, but a lovely patio, sometimes live music, or just get your pizza to go.

St. George Community Meal - Monday, Thursday, Friday, 11:30 - 12:30, home-cooked meal. It's free and delicious!

200 W 4th Street, Leadville

We will arrange at least one grocery store run for those who wish to cook for themselves at their airbnbs or VRBOs.

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